Doesn’t matter where, just that we are together. (Gluten-Free in Ireland Travels)


Those moments you look around you and think: RIGHT HERE is where I belong. I’ve had many of those moments this past week.

As I write this I am trekking my way across Ireland to the west coast; we just returned from Scotland.

Which you probably already know if you are following the stories on Instagram and Snapchat.




This place guys, this place is where I fell in love with Ireland almost 5 years ago. Fell so deeply, head over heals in love I’ve been talking about coming back and showing R this amazing place ever since. Galway you’ve had my heart since day one.

There are a few things I’ve come to realize over the course of this trip. One, home is that intangible feeling, that bliss comfort in the center of your soul that just says: Ahhh, you are right where you need to be.

And really, there is one thing (or person I should say) that makes me feel at home no matter where I’m at.


This amazing man sleeping next to me. Who has been yelled at by almost every flight attendant to place his tray in upright position before landing, because he falls asleep with his kindle, just like this, every single time.


traveling-to-ireland-1-30We spent a couple days in Dublin before heading to Scotland. It was mainly for recuperating from the long flight. (Which I handled like a champ. Way better then last time.)





Our first place in Dublin we had one outlet that worked to be able to charge my computer and work on it at the same time. This was the set-up the first couple days. DIY Standing Desk? Perfectttttt, just like at home. 


There were things in Scotland that made my heart flutter and other things that chilled me to the bone.

The hiking? Total heart flutter moments.

Above the clouds, heart pounding and amazing.


If you are ever in Scotland hiking to top of the mountain called Arthurs Seat in the Holyrood Park is totally worth it. By worth it, I mean it’s totally free and just a little bit of exercise. So pretty much it’s a epic win.


There are plenty of steps, lots and lots of steps. They’ll take you through the clouds but make sure you follow the steps, there are many man made paths that take you off the beaten path and can be very tricky.


But once you get to the top. It takes your breath away.  Literally, because it is much colder up there.traveling-to-ireland-1-25


Chilled me to the bone part of Scotland? Never heated markets, stores, buses, like nothing. Everything is cold, nothing is heated. Many times INSIDE was colder than outside. Chilled me to the bone Scotland. You chilled me to the bone.

One thing I can tell you though, all Celiacs that live in these two countries have it MUCH easier then many places in the states. I’ve been able to easily find gluten-free pasta to make in our apartment kitchen, bread that is by far the best bread I’ve ever had in little pre-packaged ready-made BLT sandwiches AND made in a controlled gluten-free kitchen. #heaven

Not to mention, every single restaurant has been able to easily tell me what contains gluten AND has things listed on their menu. Even in the smaller towns! So much more aware, it makes life much easier.

Another reason I fell n love with this place last time I visited, the food is so much simpler here then in the states. Less crazy ingredients, where you have zero clue what they are in your food.

It’s actually what got me started looking more closely at our food in the states and how VeggieBalance was born. I talked a little more about how that happened the past week. 


Last time I was here I was not diagnosed and ironically came home so unbelievably sick, it took me almost 3 weeks to recover and a visit to the hospital.

Trying to not repeat that this time. Took me almost 5 years to forget about it before coming back. 😉



We’ll be celebrating our Thanksgiving with who knows what to eat. Whatever the heck we are craving tomorrow.

Did you see the ham mac n’ cheese I made in Scotland the other night on Instagram? We might need to repeat that. It was the bomb diggity bomb.

I hope everyone in the states has a fabulous holiday with their families. If you need any last minute help for a gluten-free thanksgiving you can check out our Entertaining Recipe Bundle, it also can be used for Christmas.

We also have our Holiday Sides round-up if you are looking for something a little different AND gluten-free!




4 thoughts on “Doesn’t matter where, just that we are together. (Gluten-Free in Ireland Travels)

  1. Eva @ L.E.E bakers

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lindsay! Hope you have wonderful food (because that’s the most important thing)! I love your recipes and really helps me cope with life with me being gluten free. I’m so jealous, the photos are fabulous, and everything there looks awesome!

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Happy Belated Thanksgiving Eva! Thank you so much! You HAVE to make a point to travel there, Ireland is a dream for celiacs. Very aware community and makes eating out so easy! Just landed back in the states and I got to say, I’ve been spoiled. 😉

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